Along with the cakes & tarts, jazz up the interiors of your bakery too!

A bakery is not just a bakery. It is so much more than that. It is your comfort zone, a place where you come for some good ‘me’ time or to catch up with long lost friends or on a romantic Cinderella-ish date!

Well, after going through tons and tons of décor inspiration idea, I have come to a conclusion- That my favorite décor for a bakery would be the Retro look.

Retro Look

That moment when you enter a tea shop or a bakery & you feel yourself being all Victorian, that is what we call nailing the retro look! Transport yourself & your amazing customers to a completely different era.

So if you are planning to open a tea or cake shop, then this décor will flock people to your doorstep. Take a look at some more design inspirations for this vintage glam look.

A vintage mirror painted in light baby pink surrounded by roses or white with pink polka dots, is a start!

Source: tumblr

Once you have decided on the color combinations to paint your bakery, it is time to take a look at the seating and storage part.

I found this vintage look furniture which will give you an idea.

Source: pinterest

Let us romanticize with the place, shall we?

This idea of a sewing machine in tones of baby pink & baby blue placed over white lace covers is mesmerizing! I loved it.

Source: pinterest

OR something like this –I-Want-Right-Now vintage typewriter. Look at the details! Sigh! This is work of art.

Source: pinterest

Make sure that your décor theme and your cabinets & crockery are in tune with the Victorian era. I stumbled across this cute set of kitchenware.

Source: flickr

Now team up a perfect rustic look cabinet to store all your kitchen related stuff. I found some interesting pieces of furniture, which aren’t even that difficult to get done from your local painter & carpenter.

Source: pinterest

When it comes to the décor, you don’t need to restrict yourself to tones of pinks or whites. Step up and experiment with beautiful colors like mint! Make your décor a little minty.

Source: tumblr

You can even get some old books painted or buy some hardbound old books and pain them in pastel shades, tie them up with a thread & just stack them in the corner. Ready for some compliments here?

Source: tumblr

Are you fascinated by this décor? Look at this gorgeous door. What an entrance will it make for?

Source: pinterest

OR this one!

Source: pinterest

Did you completely forget to allocate a mental space to your chalk board where you will write the specials? I won’t let you.

Source: pinterest

Do you a corner for a window? Most of the bakeries don’t but then build you own corner! Just take an empty wall & make your own cute window corner. Just like this…

Source: pinterest

Be very careful with your selection of crockery and table covers while going Victorian. Use white lace covers and floral pottery to complete the look.

Source: tumblr

Another brilliant idea to just add to your customer experience will be to ask them to drop notes of love for your bakery, if they loved it!

Source: photobucket

Aren’t these pastel colors along with delicate table cover & beautiful tableware, just pure bliss to the eyes! Who wouldn’t want to have a soothing cup of tea and lemon tart here?

This décor brings people back again & again reminiscing the royals of the Victorian era! Their style was elegant. Period.

There is so much which can be done with following a theme and just going deep into it. Make your bakery stand out. I hope you loved reading this piece as much as I loved writing it. Do share your opinions, feedback and love with me.

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