Blur those color boundaries with #WatercolourWalls! Don’t confine. EVER!

As I was surfing & looking at gorgeous décor stuff on Pinterest, I came across a rather ‘Pinteresting’ idea of #WatercolorWalls.

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I was even more intrigued because it appealed to my sensibilities of colors, mostly lighter tones, spilled in abstract & artsy form, making an otherwise bland wall quite significant.

So ta-da, here is a blog post with some of my favorite inspirations for #WatercolourWalls along with a DIY video to help you paint some magic on your walls!

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So what you see above is called Ombre!

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Ombre is when one color gradually fades into another. It can either blend gradually or sometimes it can be a little aggressive. To each one their own!

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Give a dash of abstract watercolors to them walls!

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I have a thing for ‘blues’! They somehow find me.

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The color boundaries are blurred to create a beautiful mess of contrasting shades. Don’t think too much about the colors; just go with your instinct! Your instinct has got you this far in life, trust it!

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Choose the colors you love waking up to & see you life change, one day at a time!

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Well, if you are a fan of white walls, and need to give them a distinctive touch, go for #WatercolorWalls to add incomparable character to your home.

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Okay, so we all come home stressed & that’s the one thing that is common is all of us. So let us try dedicating one wall to our personal expression & personality, something that makes you happy at the end of the day.

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Be artsy & paint your personality on your walls!

I have fallen in love with the whole idea, feel & finesse of #WatercolorWalls.

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I’d love a home with almost no furniture and watercolor walls, along with a wine cellar (of course)!

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I can’t believe I never knew about this interesting concept until very recently. Go for watercolor wallpapers & accentuate your senses!

The clean crisp look can be used to give a unique style to your living rooms, bedrooms, and studios or offices or even your yoga room!

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If you are open to experimenting then instead of buying a wall mural, color wash your walls! Here is all the information about the material, technique & how to of color washing!

Click Here:

I came across this helpful video also, so take a look-

Happy coloring guys!

Do share the pictures with me! #WatercolorWalls

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