The compositions of music captured by ‘The Audiographa Project’ reflect the art in music, literally!

I think we can all agree that music is a feeling & words will never be enough to fully capture the essence of music!

But what if there was a physical manifestation the beats, the tunes, the drops, the melodies? Have you ever imagined of how your favorite songs will look in a tangible form? Well, I didn’t, but Eric Zwierzynski did & did it well.

Audiographa – a personal project of print, web and UX designer Eric Zwierzynski generated vector graphics to depict how music takes a tangible form.


This project began in 2016 with the intent of creating 260 computer generated visuals- over the course of the year (one for each weekday) and aren’t the results stunning?!


What I loved the most about the Audiographa project is that a talented young guy has actually imagined a concept and brought that to life for the world to see.


I don’t remember exactly when, but I know in my passive mind that I must have thought of how does the music spread? Is it wide or even? Or does it remain compact or do the melodies oscillate in all directions? I have something to now physically see my music. That was definitely a curiosity!


Music is a form of art. And you get to confront it every day!


Modern music is going through a renaissance similar to what painting went through at the turn of the 20th century. Technology is coming to the place of accumulating databases of data for various uses

Eric Zwierzynski

This ingenious guy is continuing the Audiographa project into 2017 as well & you can too request your favorite song. Submit your requests via an online form.

The future plans of Eric are to make an assorted collection of these music-inspired graphics available as physical prints. That will be super cool stuff that I’d like to flaunt.

Those near Santa Cruz, California can see several of Zwierzynski’s posters firsthand, with a selection on display at the Art Research Office (ARO) Gallery, the debut show at the new art space located in downtown Santa Cruz.

The graphic below is my absolute favorite. Mostly because the song – Tunnak Tunak- is by an India based Punjabi pop singer. Look at the variety that a Santa Cruz based artist has covered.

DalerMehndi a008_Yeasayer

To conclude, I’d is that there is no one tangible form in which music can be confined. To the same music there will be many many visual representations. Why? Because each one of us has a different imagination!

This project is a wonderful example of the fact that nothing is new, nothing is old, things stay the same, and we just change the interpretation and the interpreter from time to time!

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