Experience the awesome spectacle of the underwater world as you paddle in your transparent Kayak’s! You might even find ‘Dory’!

I am water baby & I am so excited with this concept of transparent kayak’s!
Thanks to a new fleet of transparent watercraft, we can view all the mysteries of water from right beneath our boat!

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I was amazed to know that paddlers can enjoy views of up to 75 feet below the surface of water. Now this is the water sport I would like to go for!

The sunlight getting me tanned while I immerse myself in the mystical underwater world!

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In fact many transparent kayak’s now Coe with as options such as LED Lights, Whisper Quiet Motor, Folding Shade Top and a lot more!

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Guys, whenever you go for water sports now, do take a ride in these fabulous kayak’s and share your experiences with me.

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Shruti Bhatia

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