Found lamps in the form of a ballerina, a bird & violins! The artist has to be a dreamer!

Today I came across a very unique style of lighting!
It is by Sergi Ventura, an industrial designer specializing in product and lighting!

Sergi ventura’s latest pendant light collection features violins, flowers and birds.

And wait for it- all plated in 24k gold!

So the idea behind this unique collection of lights is to capture real life moments & transform them into actual lighting pieces using simplified pure lines and soft shapes.

Did you ever imagine a light to be in the shape of a ballet dancer, elegantly making those feminine moves?

Let me say it again- We have a light in the pattern of a ballerina! They will light up your interiors like never before!

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This lamp is called the Mia Ballerina pendant lamp.

Yes, this lamp has a name. A very graceful one indeed.

Sergi mentions ‘I have captured her traces while she is rotating to convert them into a sleek, light, and with a movement sensation design.’ Attention has been given to each spiral and the body is hand-polished, plated with 24-karat gold, while the skirt is made from a transparent acrylic, to give it a classy finesse!

Image Source: website

These elegant pieces have a lot of technical twists in them, ranging from mouth blown glass and springs bent by hand to laser cut and cnc machining. The the manufacturing process of each of the top springs is highly complicated pieces which will light up any interior, both literally & metaphorically, require the use of a very rare machine!

Imagine a light looking like a flamingo! Wow, much?

This lamp is called Dorking. It is a playful bird-like floor lamp with a tail that opens or closes depending on whether or not its eyes are in a lowered or raised position.

Image Source: website

I think this lamp is an epitome of gorgeousness, specially the shining rose gold color!
The lamp is made from copper and aluminum with a articulated tail made from plastic.
(What a fabulous interior decor idea is this)

Image Source: website

And look at this piece of art. A violin shaped lamp! Wouldn’t it took so damn trippy?

Image Source: website

This beauty is called ‘light’n’roll’ & it plays with the light by emitting it through the vertical thin lines and refracting it through the wavy glass, simulating the vibration of the strings! I think I need a moment here to let all this fabulous stuff sink in!

Image Source: website

I hope you feel really artistic by the end of this piece. Yes, it was a good dose of awesomeness!
Do share your comments/feedback/suggestions with me!

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