Jonathan Borofsky- Meet THE MAN behind the ‘Molecule Men’

The sculpture of Molecule Man, consists of three (same yet different) men all leaning into one another at a point of intersection. It symbolizes that their arms are their point of integration.

Jonathan describes the concept behind the Molecule man.

This hundred-foot tall aluminum sculpture composed of three figures meeting in the centre, not only refers to the lightness inside our own solid bodies, but also refers to the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence.

The first Molecule Man sculptures came into existence in 1977 and 1978 in Los Angeles by Borofsky. Then he displayed his exceptional brilliance across the globe with the other Molecule Men appearing in Yorkshire in 1988, Berlin 1997, and Iowa in 2008.

Walking to the Sky, Dallas

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A celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go

Jonathan Borofsky
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The 100 feet tall, stainless steel installation called Walking to the Sky, is another outstanding work by Jonathon. Oh boy, now isn’t this something!

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Here is another gem by Jonathon- HAMMERING MAN- A monumental moving structure!

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According to Borofsky, “the boring, monotonous repetition of the moving arm implies the fate of the mechanistic world,” and the figure “symbolizes the underpaid worker in this new, computerized revolution.”

‘Hammering Man’ which is one of Jonathan Borofsky’s signature pieces, depicts a silhouette figure with his head bent, striking a piece of metal with a hammer held in his moveable left arm.

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The thought behind this iconic installation- “The migrant worker who picks the food we eat, the construction worker who builds our buildings, the maid who cleans offices every evening, the shoemaker-they all use their hands like an artist.”

I take a bow to this man, the creator of this art, which is adorning the streets of various countries in all its glory!

It’s time to say hello to the man behind these exemplary sculptures. We thank you for giving us such amazing art!

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Hope you had a good read!

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