Sometimes all we need is a small, cozy home!

The solace of a home which has reflections of your taste, personality & mindset is the best therapy EVER!

I have never been a big fan of sprawling mansions, one of the reason being that I can’t afford them & the other being, I really like cute cuddly warm little places (well, that’s just who I am innately)!

So why to aspire for those bungalows when you can get the same comfort in a little warm space with your loved ones?

Most of you will agree with me, when I say that real estate is not easy to own and one puts their lives savings in their home. So I thought I will write about different ways in which someone like me can do a décor of their small space and make it their OWN HOME! I am dividing it into two parts- Interiors & Exteriors!
Now let us start with Interiors and then as we are done we will take a look at what all can we do with the exteriors.

Let us start with one room at a time! So first the living area, as this place is for so much more than just entertaining relatives!

Now our relatives/friends/guests don’t come on a daily basis, right? So why not make a living space keeping in mind that it is for you. I feel that the living room should be reflecting calmness, positive vibes and a place where you can let all your stresses melt away!

Keep the place warm and cozy with colors like grey and white!


You can ignore the white rug in the image as a white rug involves a lot of maintenance and will keep you stressed! So while you are doing up your personal space, make it as convenient for you as possible!

Use cushions are they are a mental representation of comfort!


You can easily get a table, get it painted white and put some books under it along with a golden tapestry, for a Victorian feel! Even a candle holder or as simple as a crystal object will add shimmer and glimmer to your living area!


Just remember that do not over do the space with getting a big sofa. If there are plenty more guests then I will suggest you get some more seating which is kinda make shift instead of permanently fixing a huge ass sofa!

Make the room look bigger & brighter with mirrors!

Now take a look at this very cute yet comfy living room design where there is a mirror right behind the sofa. Hasn’t it transformed the room?
Let us take a moment to admire the minimal seating space in this room, a pink and grey color combination, a mirror on the wall and a classy lamp behind the sofa. How do you feel about it?


A blue rug always lifts up the spirits!


ALWAYS have a photo wall! WHY, you ask?

A home describes your fond memories of the journey you are leading, called ‘life’. Years and years go by, time flies by, people and places become memories and the only thing to preserve the good time ( if I can say so) are pictures!

Trust me, a photo wall will make you stop for at least 5 minutes a day and give you many many reasons to be thankful for!

Now we know that mirrors make the room look bigger, let us combine these two home décor ideas- photos and mirrors! This combination is sure to get you a lot of compliments!


And what would be better to have a photo wall with the names inscribed just like the pieces of scrabble!


Every corner has a story to tell, literally! I personally feel, this style for a photo wall would look unique & charming!


What do you lovely people think of some fairy lights on the photo wall? Well, there is no end to the ideas that keep running my head as I compile these décor inspirations for you!


Isn’t the above simply stunning? You can even make a month wise calendar for your pictures and put fairy lights around it!


I can just give your décor inspirations but one thing I will always say, keep in mind what your personality is when you are revamping your home! It is in the elements of your personality that your house will get that ZING!


Take a look at some more photo wall ideas, & give your living room the perfect touch!

wall-decoration-2 wall-decoration-2 wall-decoration-3 wall-decoration-4 wall-decoration-5

So what are your thoughts? I hope you loved this whole journey of ideas to decorate a small living room and completely make it own!

Thank you for your time & keep visiting this space for design inspirations, techniques and ideas we combine with a lot of love for you!

Happy decorating!

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