The Sand clock by Studio Ayaskan in London has brought to life an idea which seems surreal!

Take a moment to believe that there is a ‘Sand Clock’

Well I had seen a wall clock, a digital clock, waterproof clock, an Apple Watch but today I have come across a sand clock!

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The deeper i delve into the world of artists & insanely creative minds, the more motivated I am to share all my findings with the world.

The inspiration behind this sand clock is the landscape art of kare-sansui – Japanese Zen rock garden. the Studio Alaskan has very clever created a meditative piece of art int eh form of this tieless sand art.

Image Source: website

So are you as curious as I was to know HOW exactly does this clock work?

In the daytime the hour hand draws ripple patterns on the sand whereas during the night these patterns are gradually flattened out to restart a new cycle.

Taking a step away from the physical structure of this clock, I feel like just taking a moment to admire the beauty of this phenomenon called- time!

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I mean, even the mightiest have the exactly same amount of time as the underprivileged. Man can achieve everything except for a way to control time. Time is a limited resource & that is the beauty of it.

There are days when i want 36 hours a day. But just as the time is ticking on this clock, it is ticking in my life also!

Ripples of Time – Sand from Ayaskan on Vimeo.

Did you like this mesmerizing piece of art?

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