Transparent Botanical Prints are the new accessory for your home & a pure work of art!

It is a blessing to be human and my faith is restored in human creativity when I come across such beautiful ideas & products.

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Copenhagen-based design companies MOEBE, Paper Collective, and Norm Architects, joined forces to release a series of art prints that feature transparent botanical photographs that give the illusion of actual leaves suspended within the frame.

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If you notice carefully, you will observe that the leaves are somewhere between healthy greenery & slight decay symbolizing the passage of time & change of seasons. This confuses many who look at it for the first time, but it has a deeper spiritual meaning to it.

How incredible it is that even the most ingenious interior decor idea is connected to spirituality in some way or the other!

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The photographs were made using UV printing allowing a photo to be printed onto transparent foil.

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Guys, isn’t this a WOW idea?

These are the times when I feel that creativity does surpass all expectations!

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Shruti Bhatia

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