Whether you are in a relationship or at your home- YOU NEED SPACE!

Space crunch in your apartment? This week we get you some really cool & simple hacks to increase the storage space in your home.

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Well, now do not let even an inch of space go unutilized but while doing so, make sure you do not compromise on the aesthetic appeal of your home. That is exactly why we are here to help you with some classy space hacks!

Hack #1- Ever wondered that you can de-clutter your home with a wooden ladder! Take a look.

You can hang your clothes or scarves on the ladder, the way it is shown in the picture below. You can even store some stuff (not too heavy) on top of the ladder as well. If you want to get creative, then paint those boxes with bold colors matching your bed room walls. They will be a distraction, but a good one!

One of the most ingenious organizing and space hacks is this one. And it wouldn’t cost you a bomb too!

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OR you can actually have a complete closet, an open one, for your day to day stuff. If you know some clothes you like your formals that you will need during the week just hang them outside so that you don’t disturb your cupboard everyday!

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Hack #2 – A slide out table, instead of a permanent one!

This is a personal favorite. Instead of having a table that is visible all the time & occupies space all the time, make you kitchen more airy & spacious with this slide out table.

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Do you need some more space occasionally, but a little space on a daily basis then why don’t you use a pull out chopping board?

Hack #3 -Don’t you want a kitchen that has enough space to KEEP EVERYTHING!

Mostly the space next to your fridge goes waste because we never pay attention to the little corners. Not anymore!

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A sliding pantry right next to the fridge is that can contain all you stuff is not only an amazing space hack but it’s not even expensive to get built. Check with your carpenter today!

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Hack #4- Ever thought of door storage? I hadn’t before this day.

This is an ingenious idea to use the space behind your closet doors as well! During my research for this article I came across it & I am totally getting one, because there is no such thing as ‘Enough closet space’!

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Now there are those scarves, robber bands, socks or even your handbags which take up quite of a lot of space. So just have a space carved for them behind your closet door and you won’t ever see them lying all around the place.

Hack #5- Have you tried using shower rings? Yes, SHOWER RINGS!

You heard that right. Shower tings can help you organize all of your stuff that either gets entangled or lost or even your hand bags!

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Your rubber bands are all stacked neatly in one place.

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Hack #6- Turn your pillow cover into your bed sheet case!

Fold your sheets and instead of putting them in a separate bed sheet case, put them in their pillow cases & you are sorted. Now you don’t have to look for matching pillow covers and bed sheets again!

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Hack #7- A bookshelf has more uses than you thought!

An old book shelf can easily be converted into a wooden bench which can be used for storage as well, as a cozy corner to spend some time, reading or knitting!

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Hack #8-Did you cover the backside of your bathroom door?

So what happens when we get to know that guests are visiting our house? We start cleaning everything, beautifying our little cozy corners and we also remove the night suits or dirty clothes hanging on the back of our bathroom door! Admit it, because it does happen to us.

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Now don’t do this anymore because you will be hanging a nice set of clean towels behind the bathroom door which aren’t just useful but add to décor as well. Utilize your space, but do so smartly.

Hack #9- Always, always, get an extra curtain rod installed in your bathroom (even if it’s shorter).

An extra curtain rod will go a long way, when your bathroom will be cluttered. You can hang your loofah or lingerie on it and take a bath in peace, just the way it should be taken!

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Hack #10- Even if your life is messy, don’t let your kitchen be that way! 😉

A side cabinet to store all your spices or pickles or even ketchup’s, is a great idea to de clutter and makes so much space in your kitchen!

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Hope these 10 simple hacks will help you get some SPACE. And well, if they don’t then you should go to NASA!

Just kidding! (No I am not)

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